Emergency Home Repair

Seniors may own their own home, but on a fixed income can have a hard time maintaining it financially. In an emergency situation, time permitting, European American Association (EAA) staff or volunteers may perform minor home repair for low-income seniors who live in the Chicago area. These services are free of labor charge, and are limited to minor repairs.

Some of these emergency repair jobs may include:

– Trimming Unsafe or Broken Tree Branches,
– Minor Yard Work,
– Replace Broken Windows and/or Board up,
– Minor Roof Leaks,
– Clean Clogged Gutters,
– Adjust Doors Which Close improperly, and if necessary, install weather stripping to conserve energy,
– Open Clogged Sewer Drains,
– Fixing or Installing Stair Railing.
If major work is needed, EAA works with many trustworthy, qualified contractors and would be happy to recommend one for you to interview.