Community Garden

European American Association is proud to say we are one of the many responsible for keeping Chicago beautiful and we start right within our own community. For the past 26 years, EAA has been part of the Mayor’s Office “Clean and Green” Program. Every spring and fall, we partner with the city of Chicago to pick up sidewalk debris, sweep and clean up and also plant perennials. We are always proud of our volunteers’ efforts and their wonderful enthusiasm that is paid off admiring the crocuses spring forward year after year.

In our efforts to beautify Chicagoland, EAA maintains three community gardens called “The Tree of Life”, “Monarch Garden” and “Residential Garden”. All three gardens are mostly maintained by EAA’s Founder/Executive Director, John Herman. He has great passion for gardening, so our gardens flourish beautifully. We can say he is a “gardenista” who has infused his garden passion to many volunteers, and with their help, he maintains these gardens wonderfully during the early spring, and all throughout the warm summer months.